Trip Brands LLC- Subsidiaries

Trip Brands LLC is an international travel technology conglomerate with its global headquarters in Irving, Texas, USA. Under the dynamic leadership of global entrepreneur, Mr. Benson Samuel, the group commenced its operations in 2016 by acquiring two major travel companies in North America. With Mr. Benson as President/CEO & Chairman of the Board, the company today operates worldwide making over one hundred million dollars in revenue from its inception.

The company today caters to multiple segments of the travel industry as an Online Travel Agency, Corporate Travel, B2B Travel Agency (serving the travel agency community) Traditional High Street Travel Agency and Travel Technology. Trip Brands LLC owns and operates well-known commodities in the global travel industry. With nearly dozen subsidiaries under Trip Brands LLC, it is one of the trusted and leading travel brands rendering knowledge, empowered and full of empathy with over one hundred years of combined experience. Companies under Trip Brands LLC umbrella are:


8644 Forest Glen Dr, Irving
TX 75063



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