Executive Leadership Team

Executive Leadership Team
Our board of directors consists of a unique mix of passionate, high-energy, fiscally conscious, and goal oriented executives, with the ability to intellectually approach each new challenge with a rare blend of creativity and analytical skills to innovate business strategies that yield measurable results in defined target markets.
Samuel Benson Samuel Benson
Samuel Benson

Samuel Benson

President / CEO & Chairman of the Board of Directors

Mr. Samuel Benson founded Trip Brands LLC and all of its brands starting from 2009 in Irving, Texas, USA. He built his success on the belief that the world must be traveled and be enjoyed by all and every customer should be given the same standard of service that he expects to receive.

A visionary strategist in global travel, and as a brand champion Mr. Benson is an extremely aggressive goal oriented super achiever. His management strategies are a unique blend of entrepreneurial fervor, innovative, inspiring and independent. He offers a collaborative approach to leadership working closely with his executive leadership team and the board of directors to deliver exceptional value to its customers and stakeholders.

Mr. Benson started his career in the travel industry over two and a half decades ago and after a brief stint in the USA he returned to India in early 2000’s to help research and develop a successful business strategy for the Northern and Eastern India region, for the Riya group, and today that region generates 35% of the company’s total revenue of approximately 2.8 billion US dollars.

In 2009, Mr. Benson took up another challenge and this time on a journey to take the organization globally and was the key person to set-up and launch Riya Travel & Tours Inc. in the USA and in 2013 in Canada. In a short span of seven years, Riya in USA and Canada catapulted to become one of the leading travel companies in North America with over one hundred million US dollars in revenue.

In 2016 Mr. Benson made another major move in his life, by acquiring two major travel companies in North America, to establish a global conglomerate in the travel industry and announced the creation of Trip Brands LLC. The strategy was to react to a growing demand in the travel industry and establish multiple distribution channels.

To provide a seamless booking solution to the millennial BookOtrip.com was established, this is an internet travel portal that is innovative and user friendly and operates on the most modern technology in the industry.

B2B Travel Agency - doing business as BTA, was also established as a wholesaler (consolidator) to service the retail travel agencies, online travel agency and corporate entities. Both synergies are expanded to serve globally.

He has personally selected a dynamic and enthusiastic team of experts from every segment of the travel industry in order to execute a global business plan and strategy.

As a top executive in the industry but humbled by his achievements, his charismatic personality has cultivated extensive relationships with trade partners, top notched customers, and retail agencies in the global travel industry, who now look to all of the brands owned and operated by Trip Brands LLC as a reliable and desirable global partner, reflecting his empathy, sensibility and high level of diligence and integrity.

He is well informed of the changing trends in the industry’s future, hence he is the most popular choice in the media’s go-to source for breaking aviation industry news. His pleasing unassuming personality has made him a very popular figure among the top industry leaders. He has personally picked his core team to execute his strategy and business plans into action.

Mr. Benson is an enthusiastic world traveler and has traveled across continents and oceans clocking over one hundred thousand miles a year. Enjoys outdoor activities, music, and a good movie or documentary. He and his wife Ani live in Dallas, Texas, USA.

Fazal Najimudeen Fazal Najimudeen
Fazal Najimudeen

Fazal Najimudeen

COO and Director

Fazal has over thirty years of experience in the airline & travel industry and a flair for marketing and strategic understanding of the business. His career spans a range of assignments in air tariff & ticketing, interline procedures, tourism and destination marketing, promotions and general management. In the early '80s, he served as assistant general manager of a leading travel in agency in Saudi Arabia, Sales Manager for Garuda Indonesia Airlines in Kuwait and Managing Director of a leading travel agency in Sri Lanka in the late 80’s, he directed the promotional and operational efforts of a major special interest charter movement for religious tours to Saudi Arabia and served on the committee of the Tour operators and the tourism management sub-committees in Sri Lanka.

Immigrated to the USA in the early 90’s and after spending a significant time in Chicago, he made a career move to join Mr. Benson in 2010 as part of his management team in the USA, at the company’s North American HQ in Irving, TX. In the capacity of Manager the southwestern USA. From the inception, he was a part of Mr. Benson’s core management team dedicated to the growth and development of the organization.

Under the leadership of Benson, he was part of an aggressive plan in which the company instituted several innovative and customer-oriented business practices, technological advancement and adapt to the new trends and changes in the industry by developing the most interactive, innovative tools in E-commerce using the best mobile technology in the industry for internet travel solutions. Fazal has also assisted the CEO/Director on several projects, including a few acquisitions and mergers.

Fazal has served on the board of “APTA”- Association of Promotion of Tourism to Africa, Texas Chapter, and a few community social chapters.

He has traveled several places in Asia, Europe, Middle-East, and North America, and loves to continue to travel and see exciting places, to experience cultural diversities. Enjoys meeting new people, learning new and innovative ideas in the industry, enjoys a good sense of humor, movie and casual reading. He is married and blessed with two children.

Ani Benson Ani Benson
Ani Benson

Ani Benson

Head of BPO and Director

Ani brings to the company experience, with a dynamic mix of understanding the human mind and a blend aesthetic studies and commerce. From the inception of her career, she focused a lot in human resources, psychology and interior design. Her unique qualities and attention to detail have been a major component in successfully managing a large call center team which contributed significantly to the growth of the company.

She started her career in the travel industry being in the shadows of her husband, Samuel Benson in every step of the way. Ani is a careful listener and a woman of few words, and very quick to grasp the intricacies of this complex and growing industry, standing alongside her husband throughout decades of challenging times and successful achievements.

In the early 2000’s Ani had taken the huge task of personally selecting a strategic team of operational, accounting and technical team to establish a call center to service the North American markets. Her ability to relate to people and bring out the best in them made this team one of the most efficient and service oriented in the industry, and she went on to expand a diverse team of different skill levels with over one hundred and twenty people.

As Director and head of BPO, she has cultivated extensive relationships with several industry leaders and institutions retailers in the travel industry which now look to the standards set by her as a benchmark in call center management for travel companies.

The echoes of her aesthetic flair and her passion for unique design features, is proudly represented in the beautiful office building, housing the global headquarters of Trip Brands LLC in Irving, Texas, USA. A notable factor is the absence of the common posters of airlines, cruise companies, and promotional placards. Ani has used her hidden talents to decorate the office building to give it a Mediterranean feel with a calm and professional workplace.

Ani was part of her school choir and loves singing gospels, she enjoys reading, movies and entertaining, an excellent cook, and explore all cuisines and culinary standards. A very devout believer and actively involved in all activities in local Church in Dallas, Texas.

Glenn Janik Glenn Janik
Glenn Janik

Glenn Janik

Legal Counsel

Mr. Janik started representing Trip Brands and other associate companies from the inception, he has developed an excellent working relationship with the executive leadership of the organization. He has represented the organization on many occasions and also helped create the corporate structure. He continues to advice the board of directors on legal issues and all statutory requirements.

Mr. Janik is a graduate from the University of Texas, School of Law in 2002. For nearly 15 years, he has represented a wide-range of clients including Fortune 500 companies, small businesses, research universities, business executives, inventors, and investors.

Today, Mr. Janik’s practice is a blend of litigation—both commercial and patent—and a business law practice that has been honed over the years through helping clients work deals settling multi-million cases, using corporate laws to help mitigate business risks, and implementing strategies to help avoid litigation.

Pran Nayyar Pran Nayyar
Pran Nayyar

Pran Nayyar

General Manager and Director (Canada)

Pran has over two decades of experience in the travel industry and air transportation statutory standards implementation management. A person of excellent public relation skills and a comprehensive understanding of the industry’s complex global standards and procedures.

With a bachelor’s degree in commerce from the university of Delhi, India. His career started with a stint in the corporate management services, interacting with the top corporate executive to discuss structural management and equity share distribution. With strong communication and people’s skills he was quick to identify his strength and changed his career path to join the International Air Transportation Association (IATA) in the Northern India regional office. His single-minded purposefulness, dedication, and hard work earned him the position of Manager Northern India Region for IATA. During which time he successfully implementing a strict code of industry procedures amongst a very aggressive travel agency community of 800 agencies with a combined revenue of approximately 100 million dollars. While serving in IATA he completed comprehensive training in Electronic ticketing implementation, business development, marketing conflict management, customer retention and aviation management conducted by IATA and other aviation institutions.

Immigrated to Canada in 2011 and initially settled in Winnipeg the province of Manitoba and in 2013 joined Mr. Benson to manage and operate the first office of Riya in Canada, in the city of Winnipeg. With phenomenal growth, an aggressive expansion plan ahead Pran relocated to Toronto to manage the entire Canadian operations from that location as General Manager Sales & Marketing- Canada. Pran has contributed significantly to the growth and expansion in Canada. Under the leadership of Mr. Benson, while being the head of the Canadian operations, he is also part of a global team with an aggressive plan for technological advancement, global expansion, and measured growth.

He enjoys meeting people, socializing, movies, and traveling. A foodie who enjoys culturally diverse cuisines. He is married and blessed with two children both living with him in Mississauga, Ontario.


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